Sunday, 18 February 2018

Dancing Ladies Painting

Wooden canvas painting, in our Contemporary Indian Art series - 

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Wrap around stoles / Scarves or Infinity scarves

Creative workshops are now moving towards individual personal use items. Imagine the thrill of hand crafting a personal use apparel or accessory. Very satisfying and thrilling for most participants. You could make some jewellery pieces or a tie and dye stole, scarves. Wrap around stoles / scarves work very well too. These are very much like infinity scarves and a stylish contemporary fashion accessory, can be used with almost any kind of clothes. Goes best with a pair of jeans and a comfortable T-shirt, to pep up your look. Workshops on the wrap around stoles / scarves teach you how to make one and give you an idea about how one can use a variety of colours and other small add ons like beads, mirrors, thread, etc. There are many possibilities and you can unleash your creativity to create various colours and combinations.

Creative workshops

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Creative Workshop

Creative workshops or art and craft workshops are therapeutic sessions which help you rejuvenate by creating a wonderful handmade, self made item. They are a good way to use your time to learn something and destress at the same time. These workshops encourage good use of your free time and are a much better way of using your time rather than whiling it away on a digital device or munching away on unhealthy food and an experience beyond shopping!

There are many benefits of a creative workshop, you get to learn something new, take home a self made item, de-stress, chance to get back to your hobbies, break away from the mundane routine and last but not the least meet people and make new friends.

With all the work pressures and the break neck speed of life in big cities, we need a way to rejuvenate ourselves without putting in too much effort. Creative workshops are an ideal way, you just have to get yourself to the place, all the material is provided and prior experience is not required. Generally an artist or expert takes you through with step by step instructions. These sessions ideally last 2-3 hours and so are not hogging on your free time. The satisfaction you feel when you have created something, not expecting you were capable of, is not possible to describe. One has to through it to experience and understand the feeling.

General feedback from participants of creative workshops, is that they enjoy the session and can't believe they could actually make what they did. They feel far more relaxed and happy.
Workshops are conducted in cafes, malls, restaurants, clubs, housing societies, corporate offices, etc.
This is a great way for corporates to keep their employees happy, motivated and stress free. Workshops for corporates can be conducted on their premises or they can award their employees with entry tickets to workshops.
There are plenty of ideas for creative workshops. Local2do believes in promoting that which is specifically Indian and avoids the use of imported materials. Workshops generally revolve around an art and craft concept.

Canvas Painting

Canvas painting with acrylic paints on a stretched canvas. Many of us have not picked up a brush since we left school. Your thought on what you are capable of painting lies in how you were at it in school. However, you will be surprised at what you paint with step by step guidance. If painting is a hobby, it rekindles the desire to get back to it.
Canvas Painting Event

Umbrella painting

Umbrella painting is a way of celebrating the monsoon. Raincoats are passé. Stepping out in style with your hand painted umbrella is sure to delight you and get surprised and curious looks from others... it’s the owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy. The concept and style of umbrella painting is unique at the local2do workshops. A difficult task on a big, rounded canvas is made simple by the guidance from an expert.

Umbrella Painting

Tie and Dye

Tie and dye some stylish accessories. Learn the traditional art of tie and dye and make some stylish stoles, scarves to enhance your wardrobe. If you are done with trying your hand at painting then this is something new. Create table cloths, runners, table mats in attractive colours and designs and pep up your decor.
Tie and Dye

Mirror and Glass Decor

Mirror and glass decor, the options are endless. Can almost decorate any item. A plethora of base materials can be used like wood, metal, glass, thermocol, etc. You can also refurbish old personal items like shoes, sandals, bags, belts, etc. with this technique. Bigger decorations in hotels, weddings, etc. are also possible using this technique. A very unique idea for corporate gifts, personal gifts or giveaways.

Glass DecorGlass Decor

More unique ideas for creative learning coming soon...