Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Authentic Indian experiences

India has a lot to offer in terms of experiences. When you think of Indian food and celebrations what comes to mind is the infinite variety of food, the regional differences in food, celebrations and festivals with a riot of colours, region specific festivals and celebrations.
Besides food and celebrations India has a lot to offer in the areas of tourism. Whether you are a die hard tourist looking for all the 'touristy' places to visit or you are the offbeat tourist wanting to take the offbeat track and get a local feel of the place, India has a lot to offer. Trying some of the authentic Indian experiences are a must do on the list of many international tourists.

Authentic Indian

There is nothing like one specific authentic Indian cuisine or dish, since in India the food is region specific. What we assume to be Indian food is generally North Indian food. India has so many varieties of regional food and traditional food that the best bet to get a taste of the vast cuisine is through home chefs who offer a home dining experience. Restaurants cannot offer the experience of a home cooked traditional recipe. The home chefs cook and lay the table just for you and therefore the experience is very unique and special. They cook their own traditional recipes which you will be unable to sample in restaurants or food joints. Such experiences generally require pre-booking and ensure you understand the kind of cuisine you will be served and also do specify whether you are looking for a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal. Do ensure you inform on food allergies, if any as Indian food can have a lot of hidden ingredients in the form of masalas.
Festive celebrations in India are regional and the same festival may be celebrated in a different way in different regions / states. At times the grandeur of the festival too differs from state to state. Diwali is one of the main festivals celebrated across the country. The riot of colours, decorations, food, clothing are things to look out for. The same is applicable for Indian weddings too which have become popular as the grand Indian weddings. The Indian weddings have many functions / celebrations associated with the wedding. Attending a festive celebration or wedding function gives you an opportunity to get a close up view of the ceremony / celebration.